Improvers Summer Run 1


  1. Exit the cricket club via the football entrance, left down by the river muster at the Riverway bridge.
  2. Continue down the river, left into Bridge Street, muster by the Grapes
  3. Cross at the lights turn right up Newport Road and first left into Friars Road, continue down this (though the no entry) back onto the Wolverhampton Road, over the bridge and must at the crossing at the bottom of Rowley Bank.
  4. cross the road and turn right and first left into Rowley Grove over the railway and muster in Exeter St.
  5. Take the footpath by the stream follow the footpath by the side of the railway and muster on Silkmore Lane
  6. turn left and muster at the lights Lichfield Road (Queensville Bridge)
  7. Two options here depending upon the time
    1. (4miles) Short version cross the Lichfield road and turn left up over the railway — first right into Queensville Avenue muster at the roundabout on St Leonards Avenue
    2. (4.5miles) longer version cross the Lichfield Road and turn right and second left into the Meadows left at the roundabout and left into Charterhouse Avenue must at the long bridge left along the tack and muster at the roundabout on St Leonards Avenue
  8. Continue down Fairway and turn left into the football entrance and end at the cricket club



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