Summer Progression Route 20

Isabel Trail and Sandon Road 10km (6.2 miles)

  1.  Take bottom gate, left into Lawn Road, down Rowley Avenue, cross at the pedestrian crossing, continue past the railway, over the river, along Tenterbanks and muster at the windmill
  2.  cross Doxey Road with care, follow Chell Road, down Greyfriars, under the underpass and up the Stone Road, muster at the disused railway bridge
  3.  take the footpath on the right of the common down onto the Isabel Trail, follow this to the end, muster at the junction with Sando Road
  4. right into Sandon Road, keep on the left-hand side of the road, cross the Sandown road after Corporation Street, turn left into Goal Road, past the jail and muster at the pedestrian cross on Queensway
  5.  cross into the High Street, turn right into Newport Road cross with care, past Tesco must at Rowley Avenue
  6. Up Rowley Avenue, left into Crescent Road, right into St Johns Road, left into the park via Mary Rand Close


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