Awards Night 2017

Amongst the awards given out on the night were the awards that you the members voted for on line.

Male Runner of the Year      Phil Hilsdon & Ian Hodkinson

Lady Runner of the Year      Mel Deakin

Veteran Runner of the Year  Robert Mottram-Jones

Other awards were as follows

Male newcomer    Nick Beckett

Lady newcomer    Jenni Beckett

Most Improved     Nia Nokes

Manager’s Award  Ian Hodkinson

Club Person of the Year     Colin Mitchell

Champagne Moment          Craig Baxter


2016 Challenge Group winners.

Group 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Robert Mottram-Jones Spencer Holland Ian Hodkinson
2 Chris Elsley Chris Skellern Mark Oliver
3 Tracy Ridings Craig Baxter Nia Nokes
4 Mel Deakin Jane Bisiker Debbie McDermott
5 Julie Nokes Steve Turner Amy Oliver
6 Mick Jones Bill Whitworth Amanda Pearce
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