Summer Routes

In the summer the club holds road runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On each night there may be other runs available including speed seasons or runs the on the Chase. Please check the weekly run schedule on the front page of the main web site.

Route 1  6.8 miles Corporation St backs,Common Rd, Beaconside

Route 2  7.1 miles River MRI,Canal to Milford Farm, Jacobs Ladder

Route 3  7.1 miles River, Golf Course, Derrington, Disused Railway

Route 4  7.2 miles Medows loop, Silkmore Lane, Ashflats, Hyde Lee

Route 5  7.8 miles Town Park, Disused Railway, Beaconside, Blackheath Lane

Route 6  7.11 miles Radford Bank, Jacobs Ladder, Canal

Route 7  8.0 miles Tixall Rd, Upper Hanyards Farm, Weston Rd

Route 8  7.75 miles Park, Derrington, Doxey Church

Route 9  7.47 miles MRI, canal Acton Trussell

Route 10  7.64 miles Prospect Road, Rangers, disused railway, Doxey Marches,  Park

Route 11  7.53 miles Canal to Walton Bridge, over Walton Hill, Wildwood Marina

Route 12  7.75 miles park, Derrington, Newport Rd, golf course, park

Route 13  8.84 miles Lichfield Rd, Wildwood Marina, Jacobs Ladder, canal

Route 14  8.88 miles Blackheath Lane, Beaconside, Stone Rd, town

Route 15  7.51 miles Wolverhampton Rd, Hyde Lea, Ashflats, Silkmore Lane

Route 16  7.73 miles Blackheath Lane, disused railway, river, park

Route 17  7.68 miles Radford Bank, Jacobs Ladder, canal

Route 18  6.78 miles Corporation St backs, Eccleshall Rd, Doxey Marches, river






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