Winter Routes

In the winter the club holds road runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Tuesday night there is an alternative speed season. Please check the weekly run schedule on the front page of the main web site.


Route One: 6.7 Miles River, Eccleshall Road, Crab Lane

Route Two: 7.5 Miles Radford Bank, Overhill Rd, Wildwood ring

Route Three: 6.23 Miles Tixall Rd, Beaconside, Sandon Road, Marston Road

Route Four: 6.3 Miles Corporation Street Backs

Route Five: 7.0 Miles Radford Bank Wildwood ring, Overhill Rd

Route Six: 7.1 Miles Silkmore Lane, Rickerscote Rd, John Amery Drive

Route Seven: 7.1 Miles Foregate Street, Stone Road, Rangers

Route Eight: 6.1 Miles River, Radford Bank, Stockton Lane, Wildwood

Route Nine: 7.5 Miles  Rangers, Crab Lane, town, river

Route Ten: 7.6 Miles Newport Rd, Sundown Drive, Rickerscote Rd

Route Eleven: 7.2 Miles Newport Rd, West Way, John Amery Drive

Route Twelve: 7.7 Miles Prospect Road, Rangers, Crab Lane

Route Thirteen: 7.5 Miles Radford Bank, Wildwood, Stockton Lane

Route Fourteen: 5.9 Miles Silkmore Lane, West Way, Newport Road

Route Fifteen: 6.0 Miles river, town, Sandon Road, Beaconside, Avon Rd

Route Sixteen: 7.7 Miles Rangers, Crab Lane, Rangers, Prospect Rd

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