Progression Winter Routes

Route One: Rickerscote Road and River 9.05km (5.63miles)

Route Two: Sundown and  John Amery Drive 8.86km (5.1 miles)

Route Three: Doxey and Castlefield 8.94km (5.56 miles)

Route Four: Wolverhampton Road and Silkmore Lane 9.31km (5.79 miles )

Route Five: town and Newport Road 9.09km (5.65 miles)

Route Six: town and Silkmore Lane 9.86km (6.13 miles)

Route Seven: town, St Georges Parkway 9.36km (5.82 miles)

Route Eight: town, Corporation Street 9.75km (6.06miles)

Route Nine: town, Castlefields 9.19km (5.71 miles)

Route Ten: Newport Road, Prospect Road, Newport Road  9.78km (6.08 miles)

Route Eleven: Western Downs the long way 9.62km (5.98 miles)


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