Progression Winter Routes


Route One:  Wildwood Loop 9.35km (5.81 miles)

Route Two:  West Way via town 8.85km (5.5 miles )

Route Three: Sandon Rd and Beaconside 9.61 km ( 5.97 miles )

Route Four: Technology Park and Prospect Rd 9.04km (5.62  miles)

Route Five: town and Eastern Link Road 9.3km (5.79 miles)

Route Six: “Littleworth hills” and Tixall Rd 9.38km (5.83 miles)

Route Seven: Silkmore, John Amery and the river 9.65km  (6.00 miles)

Route Eight: the long way up Baswich Lane 9.81km (6.1 miles)

Route Nine: Sundown Drive and the river 10km (6.2 miles)




Old Routes from Rowley Park


Route Ten: Newport Road, Prospect Road, Newport Road  9.78km (6.08 miles)

Route Eleven: Western Downs the long way 9.62km (5.98 miles)


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