Progression Summer Routes

Route One: Hyde Lea via Thorneyfields Lane 9.30km (5.78 miles)

Route Two: High Street, Rangers disused Railway 9.54km (5.93 miles)

Route Three: Hyde Lea via Ashflats Lane 8.02km (4.98 miles)

Route Four: Doxey Marches via Newport Road 8.49km (5.28 miles)

Route Five: Derrington via disused railway 9.69km (6.02 miles)

Route Six: Doxey Marches via Eccleshall Road 9.39km (5.83 miles)

Route Seven: Two Waters Way (new bridge) 9.32km (5.79 miles)

Route Eight: Meadows, river, West Way – 9.69km (5.98 miles)

Route Nine: town, Holmcroft, Castlefields – 9.55km (5.93 miles)

Route Ten: Town, Tithe Barn Road, Beaconside, Riverway 9.29 km (5.78 miles)

Route Eleven: Isabel Trail, Holmcrosft and Doxey Marshes 9.32 km (5.79 Miles)

Route Twelve: Hyde Lea, Thorneyfield Lane, Newport Road 9.35km (5.81 miles)

Route Thirteen: Isabel trail and Common 9.83km (6.11 miles)
Route Fourteen: Riverway, Weston Rd, Tixall Rd 9.67km (6.01mile)
Route Fifteen: Exeter Rd, Rickerscote, Ashflats Lane 9.40km (5.84 miles)

New routes 2020/2021

Route Sixteen: Doxey, Castle footpath and West Way 9.55km (5.94 miles)

Route Seventeen: Castle via Sundown Drive Route is  9.49km (5.9 miles)

Route Eighteen: Corporation Streer via town 9.15km (5.7 miles)

Route Nineteen: Hyde Lea and Barn Bank Lane 9.2km (5.71 miles)

Route Twenty: Isabel Trail and Sandon Road 10km (6.2 miles)



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