Progression Summer Routes

Routes from the Cricket club

Route One: Canal, Stockton Lane, Meadows – 9.92km (6.16miles)

Route Two: Weston Road, two farms – 9.35km (5.81miles)

Route Three: Corporation St, Common – 8.83km (5.48 miles)

Route Four: Technology Park and Prospect Rd – 8.85km (5.49 miles)

Route Five: West Way and the Castle – 9.5km (5.92 miles)

Route Six: Canal to Walton – 9.27km (5.76Miles)

Route Seven: Isabel Trail – 9.9km (6.15 Miles)

Route Eight:  The Marshes – 9.68km (6 Miles)

Route Nine: Blackheath Lane and the Canal – 9.74km (6.05 Miles)

New 2023 Route Ten: Rowley Stadium, West Way, Golf Course, river – 9.94km (6.18Miles)

New 2023 Route Eleven: Barn Bank Lane, Silkmore Lane – 9.83 km (6.11 Miles)

New 2023 Route Twelve: Sundown Drive, River – 9.5 km (5.9 Miles)



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