Stafford Half 2017 Practise Run

The information below only relates to the Harriers practice run on 26th Feb 2017.

It does not represent information about the actual race or the actual race route.

This run is open only to paid members of Stafford Harriers. 

Meet at the Stafford Cricket and Hockey Club at 8.45am for briefing, photo and a prompt start at 9am.

There will be two groups.

  • People targeting less than 2 hours for the race.
  • Everyone else. Option (depending upon demand) at 6.6 Mile to return back to the club making a 7.7 mile run.

As with all club runs mustering is compulsory. The group leaders will control how often the muster points are set.

Beware the most dangerous section is the end of Baswich Lanerun single file on the right hand side of the road.

Water will be provided at

3.3 Mile (end Salt Lane)

6.6 Mile (Birkdale Drive – Kingstone Hill)

10 Mile Near Stone Round about Parkside Ave  (slower group only)

Please remember no matter what the air temperature is you will get hot running. Think to your last club run to give you guidance what to ware. If you have new kit it is important that you test it on multiple training runs before Race Day.

The route


As we start from the club and not the town centre, (and we will miss out the Meadows loop) our mile markers will be:-

Mile Description
1 Castlefields roundabout
2 Entrance to Rowley Park
3 Railway bridge Wolverhampton Road
3.35 Water at end Salt Avenue
4 Railway Bridge Lichfield Road
5 Top Radford Bank
6 St Thomas priory
6.6 Water Birkdale Drive
7 Pedestrian crossing Weston Road
8 Railway Bridge Baeconside (MOD camp)
9 Stafford Windows – tollgate drive
10 Water Parkside Ave / Stone Round about
11 Izaak Walton St
12 Pedestrian crossing by Sainsbury
13 Lloyds Bank lights


Details about the route from Holmcroft to Isabel trail

right into Holmcroft Road
1st left Young Avenue
T junction right into Charles Cotton Street
leading into Pitt Street
T junction right into Alliance Street
1st left Izaak Walton Street
straight down foot path to Isabel Trail




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