Summer Progression Route 1

Canal, Stockton Lane, Meadows 9.92km (6.16miles)

  1. out the football club entrance turn right on Fairway, at the roundabout take the cycle path, follow it under the railway over the long bridge and muster
  2. turn left on canal muster at the 5th bridge (including railway) over the canal
  3. cross the bridge and under the railway, up the steep path, footpath breaks right from the valley, aiming for the large tree and then bear left onto Falmouth Avenue at the junction with Stockton Lane (sharp bend) bear left, muster at the junction with Lichfield Road
  4. turn right, continue down Lichfield Rd, down Radford Bank and muster at the Meadows roundabout
    right around the Meadows loop, exit right along the Lichfield Rd, over the railway and muster at Queensville Avenue
  5. turn into Queensville, right into St Leonards, left at the roundabout, left onto the river footpath, at Riverway bridge take the steps to the road, cross with care and muster back at the club
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