Summer Progression Route 5

 Route is 9.23km (5.74 Miles)

  1. Using the bottom gate, left into Lawn Road, right into Rowley Avenue, muster at the crossing of the Newport Road.
  2. Follow the small road past the Rugby Club, right onto the car park on Castlefields estate, down the disused railway, muster at the motorway bridge.
  3. Continue down the disused railway, to the old pub, muster here
  4. take the foot path by the road bridge, continue toward the village turn left and left again follow the Road around to the Church, continue down the lane muster at the little bridge (after the last house on the right)
  5. cross the bridge and follow the path straight in front, through some gate to the motorway under pass, continue up the hill through two sets of gates on to a footpath before the track, muster at the green lane on the right.
  6. Up the track bear right in a little wood, continue up towards the Castle, in the top field go left through a gate, follow the foot path to the left hand corner and muster
  7. go across the top of the golf course to the lane by the Church grave yard, left on the Newport Road, muster at West Way lights
  8. Up West Way back to the start.



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