Summer Progression Route 6

Route is 9.39km (5.83 Miles)

  1. Using the bottom gate, left into Lawn Road, right into Rowley Avenue, right on the Newport Road, muster at Tesco lights.
  2. Cross the Newport Road at the lights (WITH CARE), using the footpath by the Park, join the path by the River bank, muster at the Pedestrian crossing on Doxy Road
  3. Two options dependent upon the height of the stinging nettles
    1. Cross and turn right and follow the River Path muster at the disused Railway.
    2. Cross and turn left, join the disused Railway after the roundabout, muster at the river bridge on the disused railway
  4. cross the River, into the Graveyard, follow the slight track to the top left hand corner of the graveyard, left on the Eccleshall Road, muster opposite to Holmcroft Road.
  5. Continue down the main road turn into Creswell Estate (Wootton Drive) follow this into the car park by the playing field and muster.
  6. At the end of the car park join the footpath that follows the back of the houses, with views to the Marches, continue past the pool up the small rise through two gates to join the main path, turn left and muster at the double gate (100 meters)
  7. continue down the track, right over the river and down the disused railway and muster at the Doxy Road.
  8. CROSS WITH CARE, down the streets (left,right,left,right) and over Bagnals Railway Bridge, taking the footpath by the pool, muster at the crossing on the Newport Road.
  9. Cross and into Rowley Avenue, muster at the start in the Stadium.
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