Summer Progression Route 8

Route is 9.63km (5.98 Miles)

  1. Using the bottom gate, right into Lawn Road, continue to Wolverhampton Road, turn right muster at the crossing.
  2. Cross and turn left towards town, right into Ingestre Road, left into Salt Road, right into Siemens Road, at the end turn right and left to the bridge over the railway.
  3. Over the bridge turn left and follow the footpath to Silkmore Lane, turn left and muster at the round about near the Meadows
  4. Cross the Litchfield Road, turn right and then left into the Meadows, turning left on Ampleforth Drive, turn into Charterhouse Avenue (first on the left) muster at the foot bridge.
  5. Turn left on the foot path, follow it to the round about, follow Fairway until the river bridge
  6.  Take the footpath by the river into town, muster at the council building.
  7. Continue to Bridge Street, turn right and then left into Mill Bank, take the footpath through the park, across the “white bridge”, right along the river, muster at Doxey Road.
  8. Turn left, turn left into Castle Street, over Bagnalls bridge , cross Martin Drive, turn left into Kingsway, turn right on Newport Road (keep on the right), muster at the pedestrian crossing
  9. Cross the Newport Road, turn right, turn left onto West Way, left into Averill Road, turn down the footpath when you enter the park, muster at the start.


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