Winter Progression Route 1

The route is 9.35km (5.81 miles)

  1. Out the football club entrance, right along Fairway, start down St Leonards, but turn left down Queensville Avenue, leftover the railway, muster at the roundabout near the Medows
  2. continue to Radford Bank (watch out for the trip hazard on the footbridge over the river), at the top cross Baswich Lane before crossing Lichfield Road turn right into Cannock Road, muster at the second pedestrian crossing (just past the entrance to Wildwood)
  3. follow the footpath on the left to the Wildwood ring road turn RIGHT and make a complete circuit, muster at the entrance to the pub car park.
  4. continue around the ring road (repeating the first part), turn first right into Wildwood Drive, follow this around until the Cannock Road, turn left and muster at the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Radford Bank.
  5. cross and turn left towards town, follow the Lichfield Road back towards the club (take care when crossing St Leonards Avenue as cars turn in blind to you crossing), turn right into Riverway and into the Cricket and Hockey Club via the pedestrian entrance
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