Winter Progression Route 11

New 2018

Route is 9.62km (5.98 miles)

  1. round the track, up the path, left into West Way, left into Hightfield Grove, muster at junction with Wolverhampton Road
  2. turn left and first left into St John’s Road, turn left into Crescent Road, right into Rowley Avenue, muster at Newport Road
  3. follow Newport Road, past West Way, muster at the entrance to the Castle
  4. turn left into Thorneyfields Lane, at the end turn left into Whittinghame Drive, turn right into Milton Grove, turn left on Sundown Drive, keep left into Somerset Road muster at the mini roundabout
  5. turn around, follow Somerset Road into Sundown Drive, turn right into the Newport Road, muster at West Way lights
  6. right onto West Way, left into the stadium right down the lit path.
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