Winter Progression Route 5

Route is 9.3km (5.79 miles)

  1. Right out the club, use the pedestrian exit onto Riverway, using the lights cross riverway towards town. Using the right-hand side of Lichfield Rd, right into The Oval, right onto the footpath at the barrier, right under the Queens Way bridge, left before the car park, right in front of the Sun, up the High Street muster at Goal Square
  2. keep left into Chell Road, using one of the three pedestrian crossings cross Chell Road, turn into Doxey Road ( keep on the right-hand side) cross the new road at the new roundabout, keep on Doxey Road, over the railway, cross the Doxey Road onto Unicorn Way (new road) and muster at the roundabout on Martin Drive
  3. Cross Martin Drive in Rose Hill ( the long way around Castlefields), at the next roundabout, take a left into Redgrave Drive, at the next roundabout take a right and cross the dual carriageway  when safe, left at the roundabout by King’s Horse and muster at the pedestrian crossing
  4. right left into Rowley Avenue, through the White Gates and next left into Crescent Road, right at Wolverhampton Rd, muster at the pedestrian crossing
  5. cross turn right and left into Rowley Grove, left over the railway bridge, right on Exeter Street, muster at the junction with Silkmore Lane
  6. turn left down Silkmore and muster at the lights on the Lichfield Road
  7. turn left towards town, up over the railway and right into Queensville Avenue, right into St Leonards, left at roundabout, and left into the football club entrance, back to the club
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