Winter Progression Route 9


The route is 10km (6.2 miles)

  1. Out of the cricket club via the pedestrian gate onto Riverway, turn left and cross at the lights, towards town on the left-hand side (as all four lights go to red together it is possible to run diagonally across the crossroads), continue towards town and up the Wolverhampton Road, muster at the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Rowley Bank.
  2. cross and turn right and left into Crescent Rd, turn left into St John’s Rd, at Wolverhampton Rd, turn right and right at West Way traffic lights, turn right into West Way, cross with care into Barnes Rd, muster at the mini roundabout
  3. take a left into Somerset Rd, follow the footpath right into Sundown Drive, muster at the traffic lights
  4. turn right and follow the Newport Rd into town, muster at the pedestrian crossing in the dip before the railway bridge
  5. cross and turn left, and right into Castlefields, at the first roundabout take the footpath over Bagnals bridge, continue down Castle St, right on Doxey Rd, and right onto the footpath by the river, follow this through the park, left at the t junction and right onto Mill Bank, right into Bridge St, and take a left onto the footpath in front of the Borough offices, follow the river and must at the Riverway bridge
  6. Up the stairs onto Riverway and cross with care, turn right and muster back a the club
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